AGV Horizon Scrape

AGV Horizon Scrape

Tengan en cuenta: Los cascos mostrados con visores negros o con espejos, siempre serán entregados con una visera transparente!

359,95 €
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259,90 €

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Avaluacions de clients per a AGV Horizon Scrape

Nombre d'avaluacions: 3
Avaluació mitjana: 3,7
Excellent (27/09/2013)
This helmet is great, its light, lots of air coming through, the extra visor for the sun is very helpful,and it has many cool design to choose from! all in all an excellent helmet and at a very good price!!
It's a good cuality a give a 4 star to that helmet (24/09/2013)
Very Confortable, looks great, It's my 2nd AGV helmet and they look very nice.
Great helmet, horrible quality chinstrap (12/06/2013)
This is my second helmet (first was replaced under warranty).
And my second helmet has the same problems.
Chinstrap rips in about 3 months of daily use. First the rubber cover for the strap that looses the D-Rings comes off (mostly cosmetic, but an annoyance), then the small button that holds the loose end of the chinstrap so it doesnt flap around rips off (after about 4 months daily use). My first one also had the rubber seal around the visor start to come off, this one so far hasnt.

HOWEVER - it is a fantastic helmet. Very confortable, awesome ventilation, looks gorgeous (the pictures don't do it justice). It is a 5 start helmet, with a "made-in-china-by-semi-drunk-monkey" chinstrap.

Better get the "skyline" - that one is the same helmet, but without this silly chinstrap...

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