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Alpinestars M1 Monster Glove - millors preus ▷ FC-Moto
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Alpinestars M1 Monster Glove

Alpinestars M1 Monster Glove

129,00 €
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115,90 €

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Arlen Ness






Black-Cafe London




Avaluacions de clients per a Alpinestars M1 Monster Glove

Nombre d'avaluacions: 1
Avaluació mitjana: 5
one of the most sensitive and confortable gloves i ever used (18/04/2013)
the design is astonishing... the grip is on the right measure, dont feel tied at all. Well, just to know, this is not a winter glove, i do not suggest at that kind of weather, but still, a little resistant to the rain... just a little... but on a hot, sunny, summer day is a great glove, dont sweat at all. very protective, very confortable, beautifull. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED ;)

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