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Xena XM 14 Disc Lock - millors preus ▷ FC-Moto

Casa Marques X Xena Xena XM 14 Disc Lock

Xena XM 14 Disc Lock

Xena XM 14 Disc Lock

69,95 €

IVA inclòs, més despeses d'enviament

Actualment no disponible

Arlen Ness






Black-Cafe London




Avaluacions de clients per a Xena XM 14 Disc Lock

Nombre d'avaluacions: 2
Avaluació mitjana: 3,5
Above average (04/03/2011)
It is a very useful piece, although I believe that the smaller models, but also more expensive, are somewhat better because they occupy less space and are much lighter.
Moreover, in terms of quality and price this product is excellent.
Good (14/09/2010)
An easy to use high grade lock. only minus is the alarm that could have been a bit louder.

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