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Acerbis Diamond Headlight - buy cheap ▷ FC-Moto
Acerbis Diamond Headlight

Acerbis Diamond Headlight

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CERBIS DIAMOND headlight. ACERBIS was the first to have two halogen bulbs in an aftermarket headlight and now it has 3. The lenses are polycarbonate, the numberplate of the headlight is made out of a polypropylene plastic. Each bulb is 20 watts for a total of 60 watts. This headlight can be adapted to fit a wide range of dirtbikes and some street bikes if you dare.
-Mounting comes complete with two plastic brackets that bolt on the back of the headlight and four rubber straps to secure to the front forks -Will fit virtually any motorcycle -The two bulbs in the center are the 36° flood and the third bulb is the 10° pencil giving a total wide spectrum of light.


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