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Caberg Riviera V2+ Diva Jet Helmet - buy cheap ▷ FC-Moto

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Caberg Riviera V2+ Diva Jet Helmet

Caberg Riviera V2+ Diva Jet Helmet

Please note: Helmets displayed with black or mirrored visors, will always be delivered with a clear visor!

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Special version for women

  • Riviera V2+ is the new Jet by Caberg ideal for everyday use in the city.
  • The Jet offers the best comfort and fitting thanks to a double shell size which guarantees the best proportion between the shell volume and the motorcyclist’s head size.
  • Riviera V2+ is equipped with the exclusive Double Visor Tech system that, thanks to an inner sun visor, easy to use, allowsalways to ride with the perfect light and maximum safety.
  • The visor quick release system doesn’t require any tools for the disassembly steps.
  • The wide dimension of the transparent visor allows an excellent air protection also for long distance routes.
  • The micrometric buckle, allows a safe and easy adjustaments also for the less skilled riders.
  • The lining completely removable and washable has been studied using fabrics with high transpiration.



  • Ece 22.05


  • 1050 +/- 50 gr.

Outer shell:

  • Impact high resistance thermoplastic resin Double shell size


  • Completely removable and washable lining with hypoallergenic and traspirant fabrics


  • Both visors are antiscratch resistant


  • Micrometric buckle

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