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Xena XN 18 Disc Lock

Xena XN 18 Disc Lock

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Maximum Security

The ultimate disc lock. XENA's top of the line mega-strong XN18 features an 18mm high-security four-way locking pin, reinforced carbide substructure and a fortified key barrel with carbide underpinning. The XN18's mono-block construction body and locking pin are made entirely of the finest grade high nickel-content stainless steel.

Shock & motion sensors trigger a 110 dB alarm. The unit is self-arming, with no on-off switch, and re-sets automatically to armed mode within 15 seconds if the disturbance stops.

Combined with the Claw18 and XC chain it makes a virtually impenetrable lock and chain set-up. It even features a Blue LED indicator light to warn that it is armed and means business.

Lock features
-100% Stainless-Steel
-Total Corrosion Resistance
-Double-Locking System
-18mm Carbide-Reinforced Pin
-Maximum Security Key and Barrel
-Ice Spray-Proof Body and Key Barrel
-Reinforced Carbide Substructure
-Fully Removable Key and Barrel
-Four-Way Locking Pin

Alarm features
-110dB Alarm
-Auto Arm / Dis-Arm
-Shock & Motion Sensors
-Blue LED Warning Light
-Removable Alarm Module

Weight: 1,303g
Batteries: 1 x CR2 3v Lithium

What's in the box:
-1 XENA XN18
-1 CR2 Battery Pack
-3 Keys
-1 Allen Key

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