Casa Marques C Cardo Cardo Scala Rider SHO-1 Power Doble Pack sistema de comunicació Shoei Avaluacions

Avaluacions de clients per a Cardo Scala Rider SHO-1 Power Doble Pack sistema de comunicació Shoei

Cardo Scala Rider SHO-1 Power Doble Pack sistema de comunicació Shoei
  • 529,90 €
    199,95 €
    Us estalvieu 62 %
    • Disseny modular exclusiu (pat. pend.)
    • Fins a 1.6 gamma d'intèrfon de km(1)
    • Mode de conferència Intercom 4-way en ple dúplex

    Disponible, preparat per a l'enviament en 2 - 3 dies laborables

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Nombre d'avaluacions: 17
Avaluació mitjana: 3,6
1 Deutsch 1 English 1 Français 1 Español 1 Svenska totes
Poor Quality
Great sound quality when it works, 2 speaker sets in 3 years and the new one(month old)has just failed that will make it 3, the wire to the battery breaks internally, sometimes it doesn't connects to phone on start up(have to shut down and restart), cant connect with other brands of headset in our group, think twice about purchasing.
Muy buenos
Buen sonido incluso a altas velocidades, transmision del sonido nitida y sin sonidos secundarios ni interferencias.
Distancia de comunicacion, aprox 200 m y no hubo distorsion de la comunicacion alguna.
Acoplados a 2 shoei gt air sin problemas. Facil y muy rapida instalacion.
Aucun soucis, simple a installer et a utiliser, bon son
sehr hilfreich bei anspruchsvollen Touren
Im Prinzip in tolles Produkt - jedoch ist die Batteriestandzeit im Standbye während der Lagerung seht gering. Deshlab: vor einer Tour immer aufladen.
Und immer wieder beginnt das Gerät ein "Eigenleben", sprich es rauscht und knackt störend - auch ohne Sprechverbindung.
problem trying to sync the intercom with satnav and radio cutting in as prioirty.
Poor user manual - especially the voice command issues
Very good range and sound quality
Just tested the cardo sho-1 on a try to Norway, it has many functions so it takes some time and patience to learn how to use it but once you get to understand all the buttons it works very good.
With the Cardo Community you can sync all your friends before the trip and it just preconfigured to intercom with them.
I would recommend to practice with the units at home to get familiarized with the Cardo to save frustrations on the road.
Great when it works but for the price a little disappointing
I bought the duo pack, One for myself and the other for my daughter. ive had it fitted for 2 months now with little use and already the lead tha connects the battery to the main unit,the headphones and the battery is faulty, it does not work off of the battery and I have to plug it directly into my usb point on my bike to power it up, I went for the Cardo even though it was more than I really wanted to pay for a headset thinking that the old adage "You only get what you pay for" but on this occasion that saying is not true. I know it is the leads that are faulty as I have tested it my daughters leads, this must be a common problem as a friend of mine had exactly the same problem on a set that had only been used for a short time. There is also an issue when listening to music and having a satnav connected, when the satnav cuts in with directions the headset for some reason goes to the radio instead of the music that you were listening to....which can be very annoying. so my advice is look around and compare because as I have found out the most expensive is not necessary the best!!! Pros:- looks good and stylish, clear sound great phone app to change settings. Cons:- not reliable, build quality not on par with the price, too many nigally issues for a premium item. Have a long think before you buy.
Good product
Easy to install, (Shoei XR1100) had some difficulty getting it to pair by Bluetooth to Garmin Sat Nav at first, took 3 attempts, and on first serious use (navigating round Bilbao) SATNAV link disconnected. Found this was most likely due to batteries getting low as had VOX setting for intercom on most sensitive which was causing intercom to be held on permanently by wind noise.
Once set VOX to medium this problem solved, but need to shout quite loudly to activate VOX and microphone position is critical.
Good sound level, works OK with earplugs up to about 70MPH/120KPH above that difficult to hear.
Generally happy with overall use and as this was first trip with it expected a few teething problems while we got used to it
Great features
Had issues with it not shutting off and have to disconnect battery
Muito bom
Boa tarde< alguém já comprou algum produto no site??????
Sabe qual taxa pagou no brasil ?????
Bedienung zu kompliziert
Wenn man es geschafft hat mit der Einstellung klar zu kommen
ist es sehr gut, aber bis dahin ist ein langer Weg und es bedarf
viel Geduld.
very good
Intercom range might well reach 1000 meters. Sometimes music playback is not able to run, so you have to switch it on and off numerous times. Right speaker works not always though cable seams intact. Phone is the same like music. Gives strange signals every now and then. Otherwise fit on a Neotec and GT Air is perfect. Installation might take you like a minute if you previously prepare yourself by watching the youtube installation video. The Manual that Cardo provides is a bit difficult to comprehend.
Gut verarbeitet, lediglich die Verbindung zwischen 3 BT Geräten ist kritisch
Das Gerät an sich ist gut im Helm integriert. Die Laufzeit der Akkus ist wirklich ausreichend nahezu 2 Tage bei häufiger Nutzung ist schon toll.
Die Windgeräusche sind nicht wahrnehmbar.
Die Sprach und Musikwiedergabequalität ist sehr gut. Bedinbarkeit ist auch einfach. Die Sprachsteuerung ist top.
Das koppeln ist estwas mühsam aber funktioniert. Die Kopplung zwischen Sozius, Navi und Handy ist kritisch, dabei geht der Sozius leider immer wieder verloren.
Der Einbau ist für technisch Versiehrte kein Problem.
sehr genial
ich habe immer nach einem Kommunikationssystem für unsere Helme gesucht. Wir haben 2x Shoei XR-1100, das System ist optisch sehr unauffällig anzubringen. Keine zusätzlichen Windgeräusche. Die Kommunikation und die zusätzlichen Funktionen lassen keine Wünsche offen. Die Sprachqualität ist auch bei hoher Geschwindigkeit sehr gut. Ein Muss für jeden, der sich während einer längeren Tour mit dem Mitfahrer als Sozius oder Fahrpartner unterhalten möchte. Ich würde das System immer wieder kaufen.
Real crap! Shout down all the time, and you can not hear the gps when you connect 2 helmet. A buy a duo set and so much problem white to connection. Realy bad product
Very bad.