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Gaerne Fastback Endurance Enduro Botes de motocròs

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Nombre d'avaluacions: 15
Avaluació mitjana: 4,9
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Very comfortable boot for this level of protection.
Very nice boots
Have been out in these for a few rides so far. Comfy right out of the box. Waterproof pretty far up (still dry so far). Very nice latches, and great sole traction when hiking in them.

Ordered to the US because we can't buy a 45 euro (10.5 US) size. Only took about 2 weeks, very easy and wouldn't hesitate to buy from FC Moto again.
A quality pair of boots, great design - made in Italy! Also, good to find boots with this level of protection that are subtle and understated. FC Moto delivered to NL very quickly.
Оцениваю хорошо т.к. ещё не катался! Выглядят отлично на ногу сели чётко! Заказывал размер 45 у меня российский 42.5-43 (29.5 см)
Awesome product, EU sizing spot on (I am a 45)
Excellent boots, typical Gaerne quality and comfort
Very comfortable immediately, no break-in required but upgraded the trash insoles. Protection is excellent. Fit true to size. I think they look great. The enduro sole has just the right amount of traction, enough grip when off the bike but don't get caught up on your pegs.
Very comfy, Genuine product and year make 2020.
These boots are amazing. The offer great protection and seem to be very well built. I would definitely recommend them.
I've had Gaerne boots for many years and find the fit perfect.
During a time of short supply, FC Moto was the answer. shipping to Canada was seamless. From order to hitting the trails was 2 weeks.
Отлично, дешевле чем в России
Доставка в Мос. обл. меньше 10 дней.
Брал за 20к +1.8 доставка. 530р пошлина. Оплата пошлины, по чему то, только через почту, наличными + комиссия.
Размер ступни 27.5 взял 43 размер, подошли идеально.
Nicely made boots, but not wide enough.
More narrow than my Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Drystars.
Had to go back 😒
Love them
True to euro sizing. Very stiff sole, but the ankle has good flex for walking. There is no blade going up the back of the boot but still quite protected from flexion. Very pleased overall.
Very good.
Very comfortable for how much protection they offer. Favorite boot so far.