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Gaerne SG-12 Enduro Botes de motocròs

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Nombre d'avaluacions: 9
Avaluació mitjana: 4,7
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Out of the box they felt great, no break in period. Enduro sole is great for wet days and steep sections where my lack skill forces me off the bike.
Ótima qualidade
Excelente, chegou muito rápido.
Great product but FC Moto has terrible service. Won’t ever buy from them again.
outstanding excellent superb awesome
Gaerne SG-12 boots are the best motocross/enduro boots I have ever owned. Very comfortable and protection is second to none. I have large ankles and calves and these boots offer plenty of room. I have 3 pair of SIDI boots which are all too tight in the calves. Boots are stiff at first, but will break-in within the first ride. Ankle flex is excellent allowing for easy shifting. Enduro version soles grip foot pegs exceptionally well, and also provide good grip for walking. Buckles are easy to use and are very secure. Toe box is very wide. Size chart is accurate. FC Moto has the best pricing and DHL Express shipping to the United States was lightning fast. I received these boots in 3 days! Outstanding boots and excellent service from FC Moto!
Excellent boots at a fair price
The best enduro boots anywhere.
I haven't fully tested the boots out but they fit amazing! Really comfortable and crazy supportive. The quality is 2nd to none. Amazing boots. And FC moto was helpfull with sizing and responded in a timely matter.
Best boots for enduro
Der beste Motocross Stiefel
Sehr zufrieden mit den SG 12. Aber der Service von FC Moto war noch besser. Ich hatte die Stiefel in Groesse 43 bestellt. Da ich in Kapstadt lebe konnte ich die Stiefel erst 2 Monate nach Kauf anprobieren. Sie waren etwas eng. Umtausch bach 2 Monaten kein Problem und den selben Preis bezahlt, obwohl zur Zeit des Umtausches keine Aktion mit discount war. Tolles Product, fantastischer Kundenservice!