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Held Air n Dry Guants Gore-Tex Tex
  • 219,95 €
    129,95 €
    Us estalvieu 41 %
    • GORE-TEX®2 en 1 tecnologia (impermeable 1 cara, 1 cara sense folre)
    • ajust de Velcro en els nines 59 punys
    • Esborrament de Visera

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Avaluació mitjana: 4,8
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Very nice
I've only used these gloves for about a week now but they very comfortable. They run about 1/2 smaller than i would expect based on other gloves. Maybe go one size up if you are concerned.
Great gloves
Good quality gloves. Not cheap but worth the investment if you ride in cold, rainy weather. 2 in 1 gloves, warm and water proof.
Sehr gut.
Absolutes Spitzenprodukt und sein Geld auch wert.
Kurze Eingewöhnungszeit, dann klappt alles.
Belüftung in Ordnung, die Wasserdichtigkeit wurde während längerer Farten im Regen getestet. EINWANDFREI!
Qualität ist bestens. Passform könnte 'handlicher' sein.
Die Beweglichkeit für die Vorderhand bzw. Finger könnte komfortabler sein.
Great pair of gloves
These gloves give really good air flow keeping my hands much cooler and more comfortable on hot days. And it's good to know that with Held gloves, I'm not giving up any protection to get the extra comfort.
Had a pair of these gloves for about five/six years and going for a second pair. Use them all year round as I use heated grips and hand protectors so hardly any need for thicker/winter gloves, even in sub-zero temperatures. Kangaroo skin on palm starting to wear through, (do c 20k miles pa) hence need replacements. Waterproofing works really well although outer gets wet in proper downpours and leaves your hands feeling cooler, but not wet!
Die Idee einen Handschuh zu produzieren, der alle Eventualitäten abdeckt, die geforderten Kriterien voll erfüllend findet man nicht so oft! Wobei die beiden darin zu nutzenden Handschuhe wirklich grundverschieden. Tolle Idee, gut umgesetzt.
Not the best for the long trips.
They are too hot for the 28°C+, and too cold for below 7°C. After a big rain, left hand fingers were wet. So i would go for two pair of gloves. Had these in a trip from Norway to Greece and they where not good enough for me.
Definitely have to get at least one size up.
Best Gloves!!!
I had been looking for a superior gauntlet glove for summer riding and stumbled onto a review of the Held Air n Dry Gloves and thought: "This almost sounds too good to be true!" Well, they are as good as they say! Excellent dexterity, GoreTex waterproofing, superior abrasion and impact protection. I think I have found gloves that will do it all, all year, in any weather, here in New Zealand. They seem expensive, but when considering the superior quality and the fact that I only need the one pair to do all my riding, they are actually a very good value. Well done FC Moto!
Sehr angenehmer Handschuh
Gute Qualität
Bieten alles was man braucht, sind Wasserdicht und in dem Sommerbereich sehr luftdurchlässig.
Amazing utility comfort and quality!
I have rode with them 3 - 4 times in cool spring NYC weather and they have outstanding feel and comfort that blends with terrific versatility! A times, I bumped up against the limits of its warmth whilst in the Gortex chamber ( and I do have heated grips) so @ 40-43 degrees Fahrenheit, that’s the coldest I can take w them. For the longer, multi day tours I plan to ride, these are tough to beat! “ Worth the Dough”But wish they added touch screen capability in all chambers ...
mega wygodne i na każdą pogode polecam
A very well made glove
My personal findings after looking for a glove to replace some Sedici’snwith a gauntlet.

1. The glove sizing was spot on, but the fingers just a tiny bit too long. Not a terrible bother, but results in a bit of extra material beyond my fingertips when using the dry mode of these gloves. The air mode fits very well overall.
2. The gauntlet is excellent, but would prefer it be a little bit wider opening to go over some of my bulkier jacket sleeves a bit easier.
3. Protective features are awesome. I haven’t had to put them to the test for that yet, but they have great built in knuckle protection as well as nice protection at the outer heal area of the hand yet the gloves are surprisingly flexible and offer great feel on the bike grips.
4. They are not super warm so if you are looking for some colder weather protection you might need a beefier set of gloves for that, but otherwise these gloves provide excellent flexibility going from a very breathable and cool mode to one with great wet weather protection.

I have noticed that the gloves are breaking in nicely so even though I was a bit concerned about the fit initially they seem to be wearing very nicely and becoming more comfortable by the day. I’m very happy with this purchase.
Sehr gut
Die Handschuhe sind sehr genial und sitzen bei mir perfekt.
Sie sind auch komplett dicht und trocken im gore-tex Einschub mit der griffheizung abe ich bei beiden einschüben keine negative Feuchtigkeit klappt also auch super. Das griffgefühl ich sehr gut
Ich bin extrem zufrieden.
Ps: am Anfang erst mal leicht mit Wasser na die Hände anpassen dann passen sie nich besser. Ich kann sie mit guten gewissen weiter empfehlen.
I bought these Gloves as I needed a good quality waterproof gloves and after all the research I did I found HELD Air n Dry gloves to be the best. I have them 2 months now and are fitting perfect and feel comfortable to wear.
Chris Coleman
Amazing gloves!
This is my second pair of Air n Dry gloves and they are replacing a 6 year old pair with thousands of miles that was finally starting to fall apart. If I was only able to have 1 pair of gloves this would be the ones, they work great (for me) from around 40 degrees up to 118 degrees as well as in torrential downpours which is where they really shine, it's gore-tex after all. The fit and finish is second to none and they really are the best gloves I own. Well worth the money for anyone considering a single glove that can easily replace 3 separate pair to cover all the situations you would wear these in.
Nice gloves
Good quality, interesting conception 2 in 1.
Good, but not excellent
I have a problem with gloves inner layer, it sometime comes out with my hand :(. And +5C it is to cold to drive with them. There you need a winter gloves.
sehr gut
sehr passgenau, bequem und absolut wasserdicht
Sehr angenehm
Es ist kein ausgesprochener Winterhandschuh aber die Isolierung
ist sehr gut (je kälter es wird, desto mehr macht es sich bemerkbar).
Er muss etwas eingetragen werden aber dann sehr angenehm.
FC Moto hat wie immer sehr schnell geliefert und war der günstigste Anbieter.
beim nächsten mal wieder bei FC Moto!
Großartiger Handschuh für (fast) jedes Wetter)
Mein absoluter Lieblingshandschuh, ich habe sie jetzt knapp 3 Jahre. Hier in Österreich haben wir Bergstraßen wo es im Tal 30 Grad haben kann und gleichzeitig 13 Grad auf der Passhöhe. Wenn man am Tag 5 solche Pässe fährt weiß man diese Handschuhe sehr zu schätzen. Absolut wasserdicht sind meine auch, was will man mehr!
sehr gut
Lange habe ich die Handschuhe noch nicht (ca. 2500 km), fühlen sich aber jetzt schon sehr bequem an. Sehr gutes Griffgefühl in beiden Kammern. Eine richtige Regenfahrt hatte ich noch nicht (kaum zu glauben, in diesem Jahr), kann also nichts dazu sagen. Wirklich sehr guter Handschuh, kann ich nur empfehlen.
Absolutely perfect
I am using those glows since 2012. It is already my 2 pair. I would not change them to any others. They are very comfortable. The idea of having them for both warmer and colder days is great, this way even when conditions are changing I do not have to think about taking with me any others. They are made very well. Comfort and quality of those glows versus price is really great.
Solid glove, works well in warm weather, not yet tested in cold but I'm sure it will work as well then. Ordered L-9 but it seems to fit me little tighter than expected, even though the measures were correct for me and guys from FC-moto said that it is my size. I'm sure the leather will expand over time and it will be fine.
Early days yet, but initial impression is very good.
Perfekt Handschuhe für das ganze Jahr
Tolle Handschuhe für jedes Wetter geeignet.
Ist bereits das zweite Paar. Das erste paar hatte 10 Jahre gehalten.
Schneller Versand. Sonntag bestellt. Mittwoch in wenig Verpackung im Briefkasten.
top notch product
Have not had to test these in heavy rain over an extended period but what rain I have ridden in did not get through. You do lose a little tactile response in the dry section but not too much that its an issue. The vented section works ok but not like a full vented glove. Very well made with plenty of safety features.
I am happy with them and would recommend.
Great gloves at a terrific gloves
Goed 1 groot minpunt
Dit is er een zeer fijne handschoen met een lekker lange schacht om je mouw onder te stoppen, het dichtmaken is ook eenvoudig en stevig. Bij warm weer is de keuze tussen een Gore tex of doorwaai functie erg fijn.
Het grote nadeel en daarom ook 4 sterren is dat ik mijn navigatie niet kan bedienen met deze handschoen aan. Voor een handschoen van deze prijs-kwaliteit vind ik dit een erg gemis en als ik dit had geweten had ik de handschoen niet gekocht.
Realmente superaron mis expectativas, HELD es una muy buena marca con altos standares de calidad siempre y en este producto no es la excepción. Estoy muy a gusto con ellos dada la versalitilidad de su uso en el dia a dia o en carretera
Polyvalents, confortables, étanches. Très bons materiaux sécurisants. Un peu serrants au début mais se "donnent" rapidement. Je m en sert en hiver aussi. Je recommande. Service fcmoto impec
Very good
Glove like your own skin from your own hand. Just go for the size you have and feel the magic. Worth the money. And it is the best price out there.
Excellent quality and fit based on size chart
Excellent, the last gloves you'll ever need
These have received many glowing reviews and I really don't have anything new to say. Previous gloves used include Dainese, Komine and RS Taichi and I've been impressed by Held quality and overall thoughtful innovative design.

A word on sizing: Everyone advises to size up cos these fit tight. So I bought an M size Held when I usually fit an S in Dainese. These made the fingers fit snug, but with an ever so slight excess length on them that's a minor interference when reaching from grips to levers.
Additionally, they actually fit loose when in the goretex chamber! I've since ordered and S size and am breaking it in at the moment, will report back how it goes. Initial feel has been much better so far, we'll see if the restrictive tightness goes away as the leather stretches.
Definitely recommended
Very good
Does what it says!
We have a saying in Greece: Οτι πληρώσεις θα πάρεις = Whatever you pay you get... This is true for this glove!
YOU GET 2in1.
I have trouble finding gloves - usually it's a choice of either a tighter glove with the correct length fingers, or a good fit across the hand but loss of dexterity due to over-long fingers. This glove gave the option of a short finger length, effectively a "Large" for the fingers and "Xtra Large" for the glove. So the comfort is excellent for me.
The quality is great, which I expect from Held in any case and the features, especially the use of an inner liner for colder / wetter days, is fantastic.
Gut verarbeitet - aber
Die Verarbeitungsqualität ist Held üblich gut, leider ist die Ausführung der Größen ungewöhnlich. Während Grüße 11 für mich an den Handgelenken viel zu eng ist, passt Größe 12 mühsam, dafür sind die Längen der Daumen und kleinen Finger nur etwas für "Kavierspieler" ich habe jetzt an beiden Fingern etwa 1 cm "Luft"
Best gloves I have had to date.
Tested in wet but not when particularly cold and all good.
Handy tab which makes pulling the gloves on easy.
Lining does not pull out when removing glove.
Very well made and worth the extra money especially if going on a long tour.
Take a little bit of breaking in.
I am new to motorcycling, but one thing I can say for certain is that these gloves are good! Granted, the weather was not freezing cold, but the fit, comfort and waterproof abilities are spot on. Not tested in hot climes yet tho.
Perfect glove for all weather touring, did 3 trips total close to 1500KM held up nice, warm and dry :)
Price wise it's a top of the range glove but worth every penny.
I purchased these glove for a 3500 mile tour of Northern Spain and they excelled at everything that was thrown at them from heat ,cold and rain. Just select either of the two hand compartments for the weather If you have heated grips you don't need any other gloves.
Simply the best glove I have experienced in 35 years of motorcycling
Versatile Gloves Suitable For All But The Coldest Weather
I was looking for a glove that will be more comfortable to wear in hotter weather. I was intrigued by these gloves as they appeared to cover all weather conditions. It was important to me that any glove I bought was also waterproof because the weather in the UK can often turn wet even on the nicest of days. These gloves are as good in reality as they appear in the advert. It is quick and easy to change between the compartments and they do not feel any more bulky than a normal pair of gloves. The armour of the gloves appears robust though I hope I never test that in reality. I would recommend these gloves as I find them suitable in hot weather and reasonably cold weather too.
Fantastic first class item
Feed up wearing 1x pair and having to carry another in case the weather changes, these gloves are fantastic to wear comfy fit from the first day,
A group of us set of to Germany back in September weather 31c for first couple of days so i used the inner Summer section of the glove and NO sweaty hands all day , then a big change as Tornado Harry hit France and non stop HEAVY rain for next 3 days so I changed to the winter gortex section and my hands stayed totally dry NO bullshit Totally dry , a couple of the others with cheaper so called winter gortex gloves ended the daus riding with wrinckled frozen hands,BEST gloves I've owned in 41 years of riding and now I only require the HELD Air N Dry when I go out
I have been using these gloves throughout the summer, they are very well made (as you would expect for the price) and I can honestly say they are the best I have owned.

The glove has two compartments, one is warmer and waterproof and the other is cool and provides great feel. Both compartments are very comsortable. These gloves are not suitable for winter use (at least not in the UK) but work brilliantly in the summer and save me having to take two pairs of gloves on longer trips.

The only small downside is that when they have been used in heavy rain, water gets through the perforations on the palm and the cool compartment takes a while to fully dry. But, this is only a minor inconvenience when set against all the advantages.

If you buy these gloves I don't think you will be disappointed.
very good quality gloves, well made and comfortable with a lot off feel when wearing
I was advised to go for one size bigger when ordering and I'm glad I did as they are small made
Sweet Gloves!
The Held Air n Dry gloves work great! Water-proof & breathable. Won't keep your hands toasty on a very cold day, but work well with heated grips.
excelent in flexibility - very good protection
Very good gloves for touring and sport usage as well.

You have very good grip in both chambers but at the Breezy chamber I think the control patch adds a level of discomfort in grip but not too much. Also it could be a bit better in terms of protection (pinky finger not bridged with the ring finger, no protection at the ball of the thumb and kind of soft protection at the outer side of the wrist.

Great performance in wet and cold and also good grip in the gore tex chamber.
versatile and intelligent. A product of the first world. Esat being very useful to me
Sehr gut
Die Tourenhandschuhe halten was sie versprechen, 2in1 ist möglich, wobei natürlich klar ist, dass ein reiner Sommerhandschuh noch etwas kühler ist und ein wirklicher Winterhandschuh ein paar Grad kälter verträgt.
Aber es sind sehr bequeme Handschuhe mit gutem Gefühl welche das schnelle Wechseln möglich machen. Klare Kaufempfehlung.
Great product, good quality and highly recommend them.
Great gloves, comfortable, dry when you need it, cool when you need it and great fit for me in short option. Probably a 3 season glove unless you have heated grips and handguards. I think you do need to try on for size as I had to go a size larger than I normally buy to get a fit.
Overall impressed and got the feel I wanted with waterproof option there ready when needed, no longer need to cart another pair of gloves around.
The gloves are well designed and built
Great design and well made. Great feeling in either compartment. The only problem is that you must chose a size larger than what the size guide tells you because it fits very tight espectially at the width of your palm. The finger lenght is not an issue but for those with a bit of a large palm it is better to order a larger size; The other slight problem are the cuffs which tend to bulge when you are trying to fit your gloves under the sleeves of your coat. Besides these two remarks the gloves are really nice and confortable!
De enda motorcykelhandskar Du behöver
Perfekta handskar för (sport)touring vare sig det är varmt, svalt och/eller regn.
Jag äger två par - svarta och svart/grå för att...bara för att =)