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Held Evo-Thrux II Guants de moto de la dona

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Another great glove from Held
This is another great glove option from Held. Women don't have very many options for race-level protection. This is a budget-friendly option for full gauntlets with excellent sizing options available. These fit my short fingers perfectly while providing decent protection and "feel." With my small hands, I do not have the strength to open and close some off-the-shelf gloves and I appreciate the slim and tight stitching without the additional bulk of extra leather. I would absolutely recommend these to other women riders, especially those that need special fitment options for long or short fingers.
FC Moto customer service was fantastic, as we had to work through an international shipping problem. Even with the issue, the delivery timeframe was fast and reasonably priced. I love shopping with FC Moto.
Very well made and incredibly comfortable
I only wear Held gloves. This is the second pair I have purchased only because they hold up so well and last a lifetime. I love the kangaroo palms. They’re buttery soft and give the best touch feel of any glove. The busier wiper comes in handy too. They’re pricey but you hey what you pay for and will last.
Still breaking the gloves in. They are the same Held quality as the other pair I bought with FC Moto. Held is the only brand that carries gloves that fit my small hands.
FC Moto's prices can't be beat. Shipping is quick and reasonably priced.