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Modeka Tourex II Jaqueta de moto infantil tèxtil

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Nombre d'avaluacions: 16
Avaluació mitjana: 4,9
6 Deutsch 8 English 1 Français 1 Español totes
Good but missing back protector
I bought two jackets, one for my son and one for my daughter. My daughter's came with all the protective padding but my son's was missing the back protector. I reached out to the company with no response. The jackets are good quality. Would like a back protector.
Excellent, un vrai vêtement de motard.
Ravi que mon petit fils puisse rouler avec moi avec cette veste de qualité assurant une bonne protection.
Attention le produit taille petit, prendre la taille juste au-dessus. J'ai du changer mon premier achat en L pour du XL.
Sehr gut!
Good quality and features
Size 8 for a little 6-year old fits good due to the velcros tightening straps.
Better than expected
Has all the features of a top of the line motorcycle jacket.
Great...mein Sohn liebt die Jacke
Passt Top, gute Qualität
Habe die Jacke für meine Tochter gekauft, sieht gut aus, passt prima, nur die Druckknöpfe gehen etwas schwer zu.

Ausserdem sehr schnelle Lieferung.
I bought this jacket for my 6 year old. She rides with me on my Harley. She loves it. It has all the bells and whistles. It adjusts to allow for growth. All the safety features of an adult motorcycle jacket in a child's size.
And she loves it!
Die Jacke ist echt sehr schön. Die Arme kann man per Reißverschlüsse noch verlängern, das ist wirklich durchdacht. Habe noch zusätzlich einen Rückenprotektor gekauft, das ist dann doch etwas sicherer.
Sehr gut. Gute Verarbeitung.
Super Preis Leistung, meine Tochter liebt die Jacke
Buenos acabados y en general un buen producto,muy recomendable
My son 10 y.o. has wore it twice for 2 x 200kms trips, stayed cool in the summer days and warm in the evening returns, felt protected also. Haven' t tested it in rain but i think it does what it says, is an honest product and i would recommend it!
Good quality, well made
The Modeka jacket is very well made using quality materials. Fit is perfect and consistent with the sizing charts, though finding a conversion to US sizing proved difficult. Warm and sturdy construction with the zio out liner for colder days. For warmer ridi g days there are several zippered vents that flow fairly well for such a heavy material. Shoulder and elbow protection is also rare to find in child sizes .
My only critique is with the zip-out liner. It seems it will be warm enough ... where it covers. But the body is cut well short of the coat bottom, not quite covering the child's torso so additional layering will be necessary for core warmth.
Great fit.true to size