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X-Lite X-1003 Millstatt N-Com Klapphelm

X-Lite X-1003 Millstatt N-Com Klapphelm

Farbe: Schwarz Matt/Gelb
  • Weiß/Rot
  • Schwarz Matt/Rot
  • Schwarz Matt/Gelb
Grösse: XXS (51/52)

Achtung: Auch Helme die mit schwarzem oder verspiegeltem Visier abgebildet sind, werden mit klarem Visier ausgeliefert!


FC-Moto TV

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X-1003 ULTRA CARBON is the flip-up helmet by X-lite for the more demanding Touring rider, developed with ultra-light carbon fibre shell.

  • Three outer shell sizes and unmatched look, associated with an incredibly low weight (- 60/80 g than the model X-1003).
  • X-1003 ULTRA CARBON comes with P/J homologation: the protective chin guard has passed the homologation tests required by the UN/ECE regulations for full-face helmets.
  • It is provided with a Dual Action double safety chin guard opening system and a full ventilation system (Touring Ventilation System/TVS).
  • The new removable and washable inner padding (Carbon Fitting) is made from activated carbon fibres. The activated carbon is temperature-regulating (it encourages sweat evaporation while maintaining a constant temperature), antistatic (it helps to control static electricity), bacteriostatic (it respects the skin and protects it from pollutants) and 100% natural.
  • In addition, X-1003 ULTRA CARBON is equipped with an ultra-wide visor, VPS sunscreen with UV 400 protection, Eyewear Adaptive system and Microlock2 retention system.

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