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Arai Pro Shade Sunvisor

Arai Pro Shade Sunvisor

from Arai
Color: Blue

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An excellent example of Arai's vision of protection and safety is the development of the PSS, the Pro Shade system: a cleverly designed, lowering sun visor that has been combined with the well-known Max Vision visor with an integrated Pinlock anti-fogging lens.

It is the all-weather solution against solar radiation and fogging. The sun visor can be folded up or down with a handle and snaps into the desired position. We are often asked why Arai does not use built-in sunblinds. There are three good reasons for this:

  1. There is no need to reduce the thickness of the EPS inner shell. When the sun visor is installed, the required space is created by making the EPS inner shell thinner.
  2. The stability of the outer shell is not affected by either an airspace space that is required when the sun visor is installed or the lack of connection between the outer shell and the EPS inner shell.
  3. No actuation mechanism required. The actuation system would require even more space and further reduce the inner lining. In addition, such a mechanism often contains metal parts within the EPS inner shell, which could become dangerous in the event of an accident.

Pro Shade system: retracted position

How does the PSS work during the journey?

In the down position, the bezel functions as an effective sun visor. No visor replacement in the sun, but quick switching between the sun visor and the clear visor - especially convenient when passing through tunnels or underpasses. The PSS is a complete package consisting of the sun visor, the Max Vision visor and the Pinlock disc. This is the real all-weather solution for driving in all weather conditions, which at the same time provides protection from sunrays and fogging. The PSS was comprehensively tested in the wind tunnel, in everyday conditions on European roads and in European weather conditions. These tests showed that the PSS does not increase the wind noise and does not cause helmet flapping - even at high speeds.

Pro Shade system: like a solid screen

  • But the intelligent PSS system offers additional advantages, which can not offer an internal aperture. When the bezel is in the upper position, it functions as a screen. The locking mechanism retains the screen in its position. The rays of the rising sun are filtered out.

When the sun is low, only a short lowering of the head is required to reduce the ambient light. The PSS will not block the entire field of view, only the area that is faded. They still have the advantage of a clear view through the untinted visor. (Picture 2)

The system can be compared to a sun visor in a car, but the PSS works much faster. A short lowering of the head is sufficient.

You do not have to take a hand from the handlebar to operate a lever or knob. The view of the driver is not blocked by a complete sun visor, the untinted part of the visor allows an unobstructed view of the road. The PSS protects against dazzling sun rays, but does not hinder the view of the road and other traffic.

The Arai PSS offers a further advantage in contrast to the usual drop-down designs: in the upper position, it effectively keeps the dazzling light of street lighting even at night.

Suitable for:

  • RX7 GP
  • Quantum, Quantum-ST, Quantum-ST PRO
  • Rebel
  • Chaser-V, Chaser-V PRO
  • Axces II

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