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Customer ratings for Sena 10U - Arai Bluetooth Communication System Single Pack

Sena 10U - Arai Bluetooth Communication System Single Pack
  • £214.21
    You save 15 %
    • for Arai Integral Helmets
    • Form-fitting motorcycle Bluetooth communication system with handlebar remote control
    • Bluetooth 4.0

    Deliverable, ready to ship in 2 - 3 working days

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Number of ratings: 15
Average rating: 4.5
3 Deutsch 2 English 1 Español 3 Italiano 1 Русский язык 1 日本の 1 polski all
Super Kommunikationsystem
Der Einbau war zwar ein wenig knifflig. Aber dafür sieht man am Ende das System kaum am Helm.
Die Sprachausgabe ist deutlich und gut verständlich.
Alles in allem eben ein super Produkt.
Das System ist sehr gut und hat meine Erwartungen voll erfüllt.
Es ist sehr wertig gebaut und einfach zu installieren. Es passt hervorragend zu Arai Helmen. Die Installation und Kommunikation funtioniert einwandfrei.
Продуктом доволен
unauffälliges Funksystem, Helm wird nicht durch Anbauteile verunstaltet
Bedienung erfordert ein bißchen Übung. Navigationsanweisungen bei jedem Tempo klar und deutlich. Mit Radio und Sprechfunk habe ich noch keine Erfahrungen.
Il prezzo non è basso ma è un prodotto veramente eccellente. Ho dovuto dire io che ero in moto durante una chiamata, altrimenti non se ne sarebbero accorti. Necessita di un pò di tempo per l'installazione (Arai QV-Pro) ma funziona benissimo
Ottimo interfono
Ottimo interfono per casco Arai Chaser X. Si integra perfettamente, facile il montaggio. L'audio in chiamata è buono con poco fruscio. Per quanto riguarda la musica l'audio non è eccezionale ma, in autostrada, sino a 120 Km è accettabile. Infine ottimo rapporto qualità/prezzo
Te dwie gwiazdki to i tak za dużo . Ocena - fatalny sprzęt
Dźwięk za tę cenę kompletnie nie do zaakceptowania . Komunikaty przy parowaniu sprzętu z telefonem niezrozumiałe , przynajmniej dla mnie . Może trzeba skończyć anglistykę ? może by się przydała , ale nie po to by zrozumieć menu po angielsku .
Trochę to mnie wkurza tym bardziej ,że nie znajdziecie Państwo przewodnika dla użytkownika w języku polskim - mnie się nie udało . Gdybym tego wszystkiego nie rozpakował sprzęt byłby do zwrotu .
Ottimo, secondo comprato montato su arai tour x4 e arai qv-pro.
海外版を買ったけどファームウェアのバージョンアップで日本語に出来ました。ドイツから来ますが荷物はDHL Shipmentで番号を知らせてくれるます。(日本では郵便局個別番号で検索できます。)取付及びファームウェアのバージョンアップはネットを検索すればOKです。マイナスは日本語の取り扱い説明書がありません。英語が分かれば問題ありません。Sena 10U - Arai Bluetooth 評価は☆5ですがポイントを割り当てられません??
Clear sound, good noise cancelling, slick design.
Installed in Arai Tour X-4 size M and in an Arai Astrolight size XXS. Installation worked fine and the units are securely fitted while not visible from outside helmet. I get clear sound and low noise due to noise cancelling. I use the sets only for GPS and Intercom plus occasional Music when riding alone, so I do not really need the handlebar remote. Had there been an option to buy the set without at a lower price I would have gone for that version - especially for my pillion.
Great product
Installed the Sena into my helmet (Arai RX-7V). It took me abt 30min to set system to work, not so hard to do. Clear sound even at 150 km/h.
Buen Producto. Gran sonido.
El producto se instala con relativa facilidad. El sonido es muy bueno con eliminacion del ruido. El nuevo control remoto tiene la botonera algo pequeña para guantes de invierno. Aunque la sincronizacion del intercom con otros cascos es un poco engorrosa funciona bien enlazando tres cascos. La batería dura todo el dia sin apagar el casco y usando el intercom sin limite.
Nice product! Easy to install.
Installed the Sena into my helmet (Corsair /RX-7) in no-time. Took some time to get the preset radio stations in the memory through the app, but all worked in the end.
Since I have heated grips I seem to have less space available for the remote. I don't like to have the remote blocking my turn signal, so that's a minus on the system, so after all it might be a good thing that the buttons of the Arai version are on the outside of the helmet instead of on the inside like on the other versions.
Good product
It's a good system that after we understand how to setup it, it's easy to use. What was concerning me before buying it, was the handlebar remote control because i thought that it would be hard to get used (and to the space it uses) but on my second or third ride, i was perfectly accustomed. I only think that it should let us use more numbers on speeddial (currently 3).
While riding, people say that hear me well, and so do i (hear them well).

I have an Arai Tour X4 and besides it works with that helmet, it's not made for this model so, when i put the helmet on, i feel the the Sena system on the back of my head, but it's only in the beginning.
Nice Product!
Installed into my helmet RX-7 GP. Great, clear sound even at 150 km/h. Took some time to get installed it in the helmet!