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Berik Adria-X Traje de cuero de una pieza de la motocicleta

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Número de evaluaciones: 21
Evaluación media: 4,7
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Sehr sehr gut
Sehr bequem. Präzise Verarbeitung.
Schöne Kombi, aber nicht volle Sternanzahl, denn
denn obwohl die Kombi schön aussieht und eine bessere Druchlüftung als andere bietet, hat sie dennoch keine Tasche für einen Rückenprotektor, man muss eine dieser bescheuerten "Umschnallschildkröten" für teils mehr als 100 Tacken dazu kaufen. Eine der Wichtigsten Sachen einer Kombi, einfach nicht vorhanden.
sehr gute Fargzusammenstellung
sehr gure Passform
Gutes Produkt
Bis jetzt konnte ich diese Kombi auf der Straße noch nicht testen, denke aber das passt. Lieferung war nach 2Tagen da. Bei 183 cm und 76 Kg passt Größe 52 gut. Nur meine Beinchen sind für den Schnitt etwas dünn. Würde sie wieder kaufen, Danke.
Ordered on a monday here for the weekend the suit is good quality and the fit is excellent I read a review on here to go a size bigger which I almost did but glad now I never but that's just my opinion I'm very happy with the product and the service would definitely use again.
Berik Adria X - Great Quality / Price, but...
Hi, I got this suit bc the design is great and the colors look awesome. The quality materials versus price are very good balanced and it took DHL (Express) only 5 days to deliver in the USA, but here comes the issues I'm 6'2 (188 - 190 cms aprox) and 237.5 Lbs (108 Kgs approx) body type is tall, medium torax, wide back, beer belly and average legs and arms for a 6'2 (1.90 mts) not muscular person, lets say sleeve is 6-7. Well the suit in size 60 fits well on arms and legs, but very tight on belly and crotch, also tight on front chest during standing position. Legs are a little short, but boots will cover just fine. During riding position it feels much better overall but somewhat stiff. There is no way a muscular person over 6'2 with a thick torax and over 240 Lbs (109 Kgs) can get in or out of this suit. Some Berik sizing charts on Internet say the allowed weight is 210 Lbs (95 Kgs). For me overall I'm in like "Comfort Fitting" with this size 60, but I will need to remove the hip protectors and lose at least 10 pounds of belly to feel more comfortable to ride ; ( . Another negative is it doesn't come with external sliders/protection on knees or elbows which were included in previous Berick models. Common Berik safety is first ! Overall the suit is awesome just not very confy for guys over 6'2 and heavier than 235 Lbs. Yes, I will recommend to buy it 100 % if you think you will fit : ). Ahhhh and just to close I'm pretty sure I was one of the first ones buying the suit when available at FC Moto, then a few days later they reduced the price another 15 % and my free gift didn't arrive so I'm not very happy about that guys : (
Livraison rapide, très heureux, produit de qualité.
1m78 et 94kg la taille 56 me va comme un gant.en position de conduite toute ses courbes s'adapte bien au corp, cuir très souple. Contant de mon achat.
Dommage qu'il n'y ait pas de housse de protection
Sehr bequem
Die Kombi ist nicht nur schön sondern auch sehr bequem, lerdings fällt sie ein wenig kleiner aus.
Nice suit for a reasonable price
I ordered the suit in size 52. I'm 1.88m en weigh 82 KG and the suit is just a few cm too short for when I'm standing up right. When I'm on my bike it fits just fine. The suit itself is black/grey/red, but the red is more orange actually. All in all a Nice one piece suit for a reasonable price.
Very good quality but runs a size tighter
1. Good quality leather and stitching. Feels more premium than what you pay for
2. Interior mesh lining is comfortable
3. The neon and red shades are nice and bright
4. Light weight. Big plus
5. The Neoprene on the collar and cuffs is nice.
1. Runs a size smaller. I am 183cm tall and weigh about 90 kgs and wear a size 54 in Revit and Dainese. Ordered a size 54 in this from the website and its just a bit tighter than what I expected. Its proper race fit and on the bike it feels just right. But sadly no room to wear a back protector. A size 54 in Berik is probably a size 52 in Rev’it
2. No space in the mesh lining to insert a back protector. Your only option is to wear a separate one.

Overall, for the money one pays for this, its absolute bang for the buck. You cant get better quality and finish at this price. Buy a size or two larger than what you would normally wear in the premium Euro brands.
Decent build, baggy fit.
I'm 1m80 and 70kg, went through the site chart and ordered size 52. I'm tall & skinny, athletic build but by no means a fitness type. When fitted out turned out to be slightly short and baggy around waist and shoulders. I wouldn't call it race fit or trackday fit, more like a pub-run fit.
Did seem like a well built suit for a very affordable price. Returned the article and was refunded very quickly. Would recommend.
Super Kombi - Preis Leistung Top!
Passt mir bei 181 cm und ca. 85 kg super! Hammer Optik!
Super Kombi - Preis Leistung Top!
Gr. 54 passt mir bei 181 cm und ca. 85 kg super! Hammer Optik!
Mi primer mono de 1 pieza y muy contento, es algo más rígido, al menos las primeras veces que te lo pones y se adapte. Ventila muy bien, perfecto para el verano y hay que abrigarse bien en invierno para no pasar frío. El negro, azul blanco y amarillo muy v bonito, sorprendido para bien viéndolo físicamente.
Good value for money
186-188cm tall, wide shoulders, size 56.
In arms just a little short but gloves cover all that, legs also a little, really just a little short but somehow not as much as alpinestars size 56. Nothing to worry about, boots cover that up as well. Baggy when standing, on a motorcycle not too tight, stretches just fine, for 550€ really good value, shoulder sliders, knee sliders but no elbow sliders like top models. Berik logo not so flashy, love that more than other Berik models. Ordered red/yellow/white, as usual red more orange than red, yellow really flashy-security like but I wanted to add some contrast to my bike so I like it. Hump in the back is harder foam, will save your back if you do not wear back protector, that was one of few reasons to choose this suit in this price range.
Stylische Lederkombi zu top Preis-Leistungsverhältnis
Optisch ist die Lederkombi echt top. Verarbeitung ist für den Preis echt gut, verglichen mit z.B. Dainese sieht man aber schon, dass z.B. bei den Nähten noch etwas Luft nach oben währe. Ich bin 1,69 und hab 65kg. Größe 48 passt mir im Bereich des Oberköpers perfekt. an den Beinen, insbesondere den Waden, ist er allerdings recht weit geschnitten (hier auch wieder im Vergleich zu einer Dainese Hose). Außerdem tragen leider die Hüftprotektoren extrem auf, hier muss ich noch nach einer Lösung suchen. In Summe und insbesondere in Anbetracht des Preises aber sehr empfehlenswert.
Awesome VFM but runs a size smaller
Great quality leather and finish specially considering the price. Runs a size smaller vis Dainese/Revit. I am 183cm and 90kgs and size 54 is a race-fit for me. Ideally should have picked up a 56/58 considering the suit does not have provision for a back-protector and you need space to wear a separate one.
Very nice value for the money.
The suit is very comfortable and good fitment.
It’s a summer suit, so it will be a bit cold at lower temperatures.
The ventilation is very good, so I can recommend for use in hot weather and track days.
Sehr gute Qualität
Die Farbkombination ist spitze
pure 10
Very nice design and very comfortable overalls. I recommend