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"Do you believe that aliens exist?"

The question remains more current than ever, but as far as I'm concerned there has been proof of their presence for at least 40 years, that is from when I resolved to create Ufo Plast. The journey began in the lands of Tuscany, where I was born and where, together with my brother, I tried to bring to life fantastical ideas in a small workshop. Hours and hours, even entire nights spent casting, printing, polishing and swearing, like any down-to-earth Tuscan who never gives up, just as those who know me are all too aware of. Maximum dedication to propose items unfamiliar to the market but which in a short time became essentials and the pride of off-road sportsmen.

All this happened a long time ago and achieved results have been a source of enormous satisfaction. However I do not feel as  thanks to new technologies. Also thanks especially to a passionate team which I have seen grow and remain united, brilliantly facing the challenges which the market imposes upon leaders of the sector. This extraordinary determination which I have tried to apply to every project and encourage in every single one of my collaborators, has also been nurtured by the unique emotions of world level victories, by the historic names of pilots involved with Ufo Plast and who shall remain protagonists of Motocross and Enduro forever.

Today the greatest satisfaction is that we continue to supply high quality products to young pilots who must grow, just like the most demanding professionals. A special thank you goes to all those who have chosen and continuous commitment to the production of items for your endeavours is an expression of our gratitude for your approval.

Thank you with all my heart!
Vito Consoloni

UFO Plast