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Daytona AC Classics GTX Gore-Tex Bottes de moto imperméables

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Nombre d'évaluations: 14
Note moyenne: 4,8
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Love these boots.
These are great, I was looking for a classic look boot to go with my Triumph and these fit the bill. I have a wide foot but they are fine, I got my normal size. I can arrive somewhere and walk around without looking and feeling uncomfortable. I haven’t been caught in the rain yet so can review their waterproof quality but they look and feel well made.
High quality boots
Very happy with a purchase! Size fitted perfectly, they are high quality build and looks amazing, style is timeless! Definitely recommend them for those who are looking for classic style boots which can be used also as a walking boots.
Mega Stiefel, Punkt!
Very satisfied.
Timeless Style with Protection
Love the style of these boots and the side zipper helps getting them on and off. Waterproof too, which in the UK is highly desirable and great protection and classic looks.
Even with the import tax from Germany they were still cheaper than a=purchasing in the UK.
Sizing perfect as I have another pair of Daytona's and used their size to order these.
Seht bequem und hoher Schutz
Mit dem Stiefel bin ich sowas von zufrieden!
Er trägt sich hervorragend, hat Sturz Prädiktoren an Knöchel. Verstärkung am Ferse und an den Zehen. Verstärkung zur Fußschaltung. Hat einen erleichterten Einstieg zur Schnürung. Was will man mehr?
Ich würde mir den wieder kaufen.
Top quality moto-boots
Boots are very stylish and look like everyday boots.
They are also very comfortable and when you look closer you will know that they are made of the highest quality materials.
They also have lot of protection and are water repelent, not just water proof.
By far the best boots in the world. Daytona. Does what it is. Sturdy. Great design. Beautifully made. Will last you a life time. Easy to get on and off. Easy to maintain. Waterproof. Light yet strong. Blends in with any outfit easily.
Excellent product, beautiful design.
Extremely robust good looking comfortable shoes. Feels right while riding my hardly cruiser and also on the cbr sport bike. Feels safe and gives you confidence on the road. Very good fit.
Excellent motorbike boot. A bit too rigid to walk around
As motorbike boots I would have given them a 5 star rating. But as walking boots I find them overly stiff. I am trying to wear them continuously for the last three days in order to break them in. I have to use ski socks as protection. Will report again when/if they become comfy.
Five stars
High quality workmanship comfortable to wear .a very happy customer ,also fcmoto delivered in very quick time
Much lighter than expected
Due to lockdown I haven’t worn these on the bike yet. First impressions are that they are well made and not as heavy as expected. I was expecting something as still as a 4 season walking boot but this is not the case. The size 47 I bought is typical of Daytona Sizing in that they are quite narrow.
Quality, comfortable and good looking boot
Didn't wear them on the bike yet but they are much more flexible than expected and very light. Very comfortable to walk in and they look really good and high quality.
The only minor remarks i would have is that they don't seem very snug around the ankles (might just need to tighten the laces more) and that the laces don't seem very strong, but that might just be an impression and they would be easy to replace.
If you can get away with wearing a smaller size I would pick that one.
It's exactly what I wanted