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AGV Grid Stigma ヘルメット
  • ¥51.947
    保存 64 %
    • SSL (超超ライト) カーボンケブラーのシェル構造。
    • 衛生的な治療と生地クールマックス
    • パディングの完全に取り外して洗えるインテリア


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評価数: 35
平均評価: 4,8
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PreisLeistung ist 1A
Der Helm passt wie angegossen. Ich habe ihn 1 Nummer größer genommen, weil....italienisches Produkt !! Ich habe das Gefühl, dass die Verabeitungqualität sehr hoch ist. Aber das wird sich erst im Laufe der nächsten Monate herausstellen. Ich vergleich die Qualität mit Shoei. Hier habe ich gute Erfahrungen gemacht. Der Anreiz mir jetzt einen AGV Helm zuzulegen war der Preis von FC Moto. Normal kostet der Helm auch um die 500 Euro, ähnlich wie ein vergelichbarer Shoei Helm. Ich habe ihn für knapp 180 Euro bekommen !! Das ist schon ein Argument. Die Lautstärke während der Fahrt ist genauso wie beim Shoei. Also Fazit bis jetzt ...2:0 für AGV. Mehr kann ich erst in ein paar Monaten berichten.
Top notch.
Ottimo va benissimo veramente bello
5 star for AGV Grid helmet
Super Excellent Helmet - light weight, Anti Fog, excellent size, massive for a women (looks brilliant for a woman). Wished only I could have sunglasses integrated due to bright sunlight in my country. Parts are easily found, but must say they are not very cheap. I am extremely happy with my helmet. Thanks FC Moto.
Удобный, лёгкий, не потеет в 0 градусов, не много больше размера М
5 stars!
I loved it when I first saw it in this site, I was toataly excited when I've recieved it and hold it in my hands, put it on and went ride with it first time. Super Cool!
Very Good!
Πολύ καλό με τέλεια εφαρμογή και άψογη ποιότητα κατασκευής!!!!!!! Απίστευτα γραφικά με πολύ όμορφα και έντονα χρώματα!!!!! Ίσως και από τα καλύτερα που έχω δει ως τώρα!
Легкий, качественно сделан. М размер скорее 57-58, чем 56-57
5 star
This helmet is one of the best I ever used. In from Oman in the middle east & the Temp here reaches 50*C (we don't ride when it's this hot) but this helmet breathes so well that I don't feel the heat.
Just wonderful.
very good item!
fast delivery
good helmet
OK helmet for the price
It's just perfect.
Very good
The only problem is that the picture of the helmet was inaccurate - the dark grey color was actually shade of purple. It is good that my son's girlfriend likes purple :)
very good helmet, confortable, AWESOME !
very good
fits perfect , helmet was spot on. fits good, good airflow , nice design. considerably cheaper than buying local .
very pleased ,will buy again from here
Better than expected.
Very good quality, the price with the discount was more than reasonable.
Top Quality !
As expected from AGV , super light ,the painted details are awesome (black-grey-gold version), the inside material very soft and confortable ,don't be fooled from the snug and tight fit the first time ,the helmet very quickly takes your head's shape .Feels very safe !!

Völlig Kaufempfehlung

Πολυ δυνατο κρανος σε πολη καλη τιμη οπως και η ταχυτητα αποστολης του καταστηματος .
Thank You so much! Answered questions I had after purchase. This helmet hands down is great and at a good low price! Will do business again!

Thank You
The helmet is very good , very light and comfortable!!!!!! I recomend it!!!!!
εχω μηνει ευχαριστιμενος πολυ καλή πιότιτα.....
The helmet is very good I really like it. It`s fits good, it`s comfortable.
Excelente calidad. Muy comodo y esteticamente (en color negro) es muy bonito
как развитие ,Т2 отлично сидит.
На ходу не эксплуатировал еще, но сидит на голове отлично. Так же как и текущий Т2.
Very good
Love the helmet, very little wind sound, snug on my head. Love the design. Service was good took only a few days to get it shipped right to my door.
Es gibt die Blasen auf der Zeichnung, auf dem Licht ist es stark bemerkenswert. Viel wo treffen sich die Punkte auf den Zeichnungen. Die Qualität billigen Chinas.
Excellent fit,excellent quality,great value for money.Also,very happy with the delivery.
Excellent helmet! the fit great!! i love it!!
excelent helmet
excellent helmet , nice perfomance on High speed and excellent ventillation. I' m very satisfied after three months of use.
On Honda Hornet 600 is just amazing...
The look of this (black&red) helmet is wonderful. Cooling OK. The anti-fog treatment is poor... The double D ring make me angry :D

The helmet is the quietest helmet I had before! Before this helmet I used AGV K3 and Nolan N86 N-Com (The Nolan is very noisy!!!). I have Hornet 600. For me it works this helmet!

Fc-Moto services first class!! Thanks guys!
Greatings from Romania!
the measure fits very well for me. the look of helmet is really nice. Cooling is also good, light weight, good fabric quality inside.

disadvantage is the fact that the helmet is very noisy! I can't wear it without ear plugs and I have a standard Hornet 600.

I am sure that I will buy other products from here!
good product,famous brand
good product, nice painted ,the brand is well known for the good quality helmets, i hope i will be very satisfied after long use :)

fc-moto you are very professional with good prices A+++
quick ship, nice !