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Alpinestars SMX 1 Air V2 Handschoenen
  • 89,95 €
    80,95 €
    U bespaart 10 %
    • Volledige premium lederen main en mesh chassis bouw, plus strategische perforatie zones en air mesh voor verbeterde ademende werking
    • Synthetische suede zones en kant opvulling versterking voor extra slijtvastheid, duurzaamheid en comfort
    • Harde polymeer knokkel beschermingssysteem voor superieure impact en slijtvastheid

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Aantal waarderingen: 28
Gemiddelde waardering: 4,5
4 Deutsch 12 English 1 Italiano 5 Português 4 Русский язык 1 中国 1 한국의 alles
Muito bom
Material muito bom
Duras e confortaveis, bom toque
Muito bom
very nice!
It is slightly smaller than other M sizes.(aisa fit)
but It's all well made
Good quality product.
Still breaking in for my hands. ist very comfortable!
Very good...
The Best
Высокое качество! Удобно и современно.
Very good gloves.
Nice quality, good for summer, not very expensive. Velcro could have been better.
Nice gloves
Good quality and comfortable.
Muito confortable, boa cualidade e um preço muito bom
Отличные перчатки на теплую погоду
Отличные перчатки на теплую погоду. Можно использовать гаджеты с тач-скрин экраном не снимая перчаток.
Bel prodotto..qualità prezzo piu che corretto.
I guanti sono di materiale di alta qualità,resistenti ma allo stesso tempo molto morbidi e consiglio per chi non vuole niente di troppo invasivo o scomodo come quelli più professionistici che sono molto piu lunghi.
Отличный продукт
Со временем отлично сели по руке. Сетка размеров правильная, но можно взять и на один размер больше.
Липучка со временем стала топорщиться нитками
It's very comfortable when I ride, thank you.
Very comfortable. Very comfortable fingers. I want to buy it again next time.
Exelent quality. Fast shipping..
Fits perfect.
돈 더 주고 다른제품 사세요
사이즈 안 맞아서 손 아픔 스로틀 돌릴때 손목인대 늘어나서 병원 다녀옴 이게 알파인스타 인가 싶을정도로 퀄리티 별로임
They look really cool but my right hand goes numb after 20 minutes of riding due to the sticking inside the glove.
Die Handschuhe sind gut verarbeitet und sind perfekt für heiße Außentemperaturen geeignet. Allerdings fallen sie sehr klein aus
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11 / 5000

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I've waited a while because I don't have the L size in stock, but the product is very satisfactory
Sehr gut
Alles bestens.
Отличные летние перчатки.
Почему летние? Потому что, у нас сезон примерно 11 месяце. Комфортно использовать при температуре от +15. Брал размер S, не прогадал - сидят как влитые. Можно пользоваться смартфоном не снимая перчаток.
Durch Erfahrung
Sehr gute Passform, angenehm zum tragen
Poorly manufactured/Bad QC
Not my first Astars pair but it's the first one that I relly hate.

The left hand glove is good, the right one has been poorly stitched. Index, middle and ring fingers are curved sideways and twisted. As a result the stitches compress my joints while breaking. Not awesome when you already have arthritis. On top of that the index finger is considerably tighter than the others and visibly tapered compared to the other hand, It feels like a full size down.

Because of the restrictive import/export laws of my country I cannot send them back. I figured after the breake-in period they would be better, but they're not...

This review isn't about FC-Moto services (which were very good) and I'm not hating on the brand either.