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Daytona Trans Open GTX Gore-Tex wodoodporne buty motocyklowe
  • 1.992,81 zł
    1.893,16 zł
    Zapisujesz 5 %
    • Gruba 2,8 mm, wodoodporna, nasmarowana specjalna pełnoziarnista skóra bydlęca
    • wodoodporny i oddychający dzięki membranie Gore-Tex Duratherm (80% poliamidu, 20% poliestru)
    • duża regulacja łydki za pomocą łączników samoprzylepnych

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Średnia ocena: 4,9
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ottima fattura
stivali turistici di altissima qualità con eccellenti pellami e protezioni. sarebbero perfetti se non avessero "l'enduro looking" ovvero il puntale in ferro e qualche centimetro in meno di altezza
Excellent long term touring boots
My feet are standard EU size 46 EE (or G if UK) and I have "stout" calves. I bought these for long distance touring far from home, mostly street with some light off road, all weather. Part of the criteria was a boot that would cover as much of my lower leg as possible without interfering with the knee protector of my touring suit.
Size: correct sizing, 46 is 46 although a slightly roomy 46. I would not order down, I have maybe a little more than 1 cm from the end of the toe box which, with thick socks and a full day out riding/walking, will allow for toe wiggle room so the boots will never feel tight.
Quality: super high quality construction, and it's immediately evident in the quality of the leather and the stitching. Nice big symmetrical gear shift pads.
Safety: apart from the immediately evident thick leather, you can feel all the protective padding around the boot.
Comfort: right out of the box. Good support all around, I'm getting that Birkenstock foot support vibe in the arch. Interior material not scratchy.
Height: I'm not particularly long legged, so with a total shaft height of 34 cm, when I'm sitting the top of the boots come to about 10 cm below the knee tendon and do not press the back of the knee.
Important note: These are taller and slightly "fuller" boots and will not fit under tight riding jeans or leathers. Just keep in mind that unless you know your pants are wider in the lower leg (I'd say similar to a boot cut in jeans) then it's likely you'll be tucking them in. However, they are not bulky.
Conclusion: if you're looking for max protection without going full MX, these are for you. 10/10 happy with purchase.
Super Schuhe
Ich habe mein erstes Paar Trans Open vor 12 Jahren gekauft und vergangene Woche mein zweites. Das erste Paar habe ich in nahezu allen klimatischen Gegebenheiten getragen, ohne jemals nasse Füße bekommen zu haben. Von +40° bis -10°, Sturzregen und Schneefall war alles dabei.
Super finde ich die Weitenverstellung und das hohe Maß an Sicherheit, welches der hohe Schaft bietet. Wenn man mal zu Fuß unterwegs ist, sind sie auch noch ausreichend bequem.
Nach 12 Jahren sind die Sohlen verhärtet und die Nähte an der einen oder anderen Stelle aufgescheuert. Nach dieser langen Zeit darf das aus meiner Sicht aber auch sein.
Ich bin froh, dass es die Trans Open noch gibt und blicke mit Freude in die kommenden 12 Jahre.
Super Stiefel
Great boots!
I have had these boots for 3 seasons already and I am very satisfied to them. Comfortable to wear and feet stay dry when driving in the rain. :)
Top Stiefel für jedes Wetter
Nach einigen Versuchen mit diversen Billigprodukten habe ich mir vor ca. 20 Jahren mal Daytonas geleistet. Ich war immer hochzufrieden mir Komfort, Passform, Stabilität, Wetterfestigkeit. Jetzt lösen sich langsam die Kunststoffteile (u.a. die Sohle) auf. Die Stiefel sind zwar immer noch dicht, aber es mussten wohl mal neue her. Es war natürlich keine Frage, es mussten wieder Daytonas sein....
Some of the best allrounder boots
I got them about six months ago, so I already had the chance to put them to test in both rain and high summer (30+ C). During rain, your feet will stay dry, during heat, also, which is really exceptional. I am using thing merino wool socks, that sure helps with the heat, don't expect the same when wearing cotton. Actually cotton in high temperatures is probably the worst you can wear, regardless of the chosen shoes / boots.
The only downside to them boots is their weight, but you can't really have quality, security, rain proof, solid build and light weight at the same time, now can you? About their durability, too early to call, but I met other Trans Open riders that had them for many years and no problems, there was actually a dude I met in a L**is shop who had them for over ten years (a bit different front design, the metal part was smaller too) and they were still looking good.
Superbes bottes
Eshétiquement trés trés belles, trés confortables comme dans des pantoufles, la qualité est visiblement au rendez-vous avec un cuir épais ainsi qu'une belle finition. j'adore les avoir aux pieds. Je suis trés satisfait de mon achat et du tarif appliqué par FC-Moto.
Best boots ever made!
Fantastic boots with a nice feeling to wear, 100% watertight and some breathable but very heavy.
Sehr angenehm zu tragen
Sehr gut!
These boots are awesome. The leather is thick and beautiful. You can tell these are hand crafted as I can not find a single flaw in the construction or stitching of this product. I am size 10.5 US, ordered size 44 EU and the fit is perfect, feel like they were custom made for my feet. The protection factor of this boot is top notch from the hard protective shin insert to the high impact plastic ankle, heel and toe parts. The gear change cushion is placed just right and looks great. The adjustable calf feature is highly functional and allows custom fitting to your leg. The dual zipper system makes getting in and out of the boot a breeze and the comfort level while riding is superb. The GORE-TEX lining makes this boot impervious to the weather and I find the inside liner allows my feet to breathe and have yet to feel clammy or overheated. The sole has allowed great traction on my foot pegs and sure footing when planting my feet on the ground.The metal toe tips look fantastic and I have received nothing but compliments about the look of these boots and coupled with the comfort and outstanding style, you feel really cool wearing these boots not to mention I don't think you will find better protection. I can't say enough great things about this boot, I LOVE them and they are worth every penny. I will say I waited 29 days to receive these boot from FC MOTO to the US as they were hung up in customs for way too long but the wait was worth it and I got a great price. I highly recommend.
super botte voyage
vraiment un très bon produit, superbe finition.
confortable, taille bien, parfaitement étanche.
bonne protection et reste confortable à la marche.
It is a Top notch quality boot. This is my second Daytona boot, tried
Other brands, they are good but Daytona is exceptional, it is true their
Prices are higher but it is worth it. FC Moto price is unbeatable. Size wise, I'm size 11 and ordered size 45 which is equivalent to 11, fits right , a little wide but with thicker socks it will be fine.
Order it and got it in 7 working though days it was an international delivery, great customer service.
Very good quality and sturdy boots. Moderate and not too flashy. Suitable for daily use under different circumstances.
Happy Camper
Boots are great, just got them and cannot wait to use them. Stick to the chart for the size, unbeatable price. Most impressing is the FC Moto customer service, received my boots in unexpecting two weeks , taking into consideration shipping from one continent to another. Thanks FC Moto.
Great boots
Boots took 8 weeks to arrive instead of 6 and communication from FC Moto was "nicht gut." Boots however are fantastic and price was good...
Ich bewerte die Stiefel mit 4 Punkten.
Habe die Stiefel bisher nur im trockenen gefahren. Sind super bequem. Passform sehr gut.