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Rukka RFC Armocy Gore-Tex Мотоциклетные штаны текстиля

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durable, well made
I ordered the Armocy pants because I couldn't get the Energator pants in my size. These pants match well with my Energator jacket, which is black with silver reflective striping. The small area embroidered in red thread on the pants matches similar embroidery on the Energator jacket. The pants are a step down from the Energator pants, but I could only see a few details that are different between the two: the Energator pants include leather patches on the inner thighs and came with suspenders.

However, the Armocy pants are high quality, warm (I'm using them for winter riding in Belgium), and waterproof. In 40 degree Fahrenheit temperatures, I ride with the insulated layer installed and don't need a base layer. If it is in the 30's, I have to use a thin base layer under the pants.

I wish Rukka made these in a short size, as they are just a little bit too long for me. I am 5'6" tall, 135 lbs, with a 30 inch waist and inseam. I ordered the size 46 and it is a little long and a bit loose in the waist, but when zipped to the jacket there is not problem with the pants staying in place. The legs are snug at the bottom, and fit over my Daytona Roadstar boots, but the zipper is fairly tight over the boots. The pants don't zip closed over my Gaerne G.All Terrain Gore-Tex Boots, which are larger in circumference, especially around the calf.

Overall, these are just what I wanted for commuting to work in cold and rainy weather. I would highly recommend them, especially at the discounted FC Moto price.
Excellent, comfortable trousers
Fantastic savings on a great product. Product tracking through postal system very good too.
Calidad rukka, de momento muy contento con la compra,calentito y muy cómodo talla perfecta Y con un precio muy muy bueno... repetiré sin ninguna duda.
Calidad rukka, de momento muy contento con la compra,calentito y muy cómodo talla perfecta... repetiré sin ninguna duda.
Well worth the money!
I noticed my riding instructor wore Rukka and I have worn Goretex outdoor clothing for years and always found it to be great value because it is durable, smart and comfortable as well as keeping you warm and dry. These trousers are comfortable, smart and zip great with the jacket to keep the waist nice and draft free. The trousers are worth the price and deliver 100%
Great quality, comfort and style.
The trousers are very stylish, functional and rugged. Add the FC Moto price and they are a terrific deal. I bought the matching jacket and together they look very stylish as well as being comfortable and practical. The attention to detail is very good. The Goretex label means these items will serve you well, I have Goretex fishing gear and it is the best in my experience.
Very high quality and great design
The high cost of these items meant that getting the correct size was important and this was possible speaking to the sales team at FC Moto. I am really impressed by the fit and high standards used to make these and highly recommend. Goretex is in my opinion the best material for use in rain, whether stood in a river fishing in the rain or on a motorbike.
Keeps me dry
For us in the United States, these pants have what I would call a "Euro fit". They're a little snug in the hips, which is noticeable if you ride a cruiser, like me. The hip pads slightly dig into my thighs, which is uncomfortable when I first sit.
Definitely get the braces for these.

As far as value, for me, they're a great value. I've ridden over 100 miles straight in hard rain with these and remained completely dry. The thermal liner keeps me warm to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, anything below that and it really slows down the heat loss, but my legs start to become cold over time.
Sehr hochwertig
Ich konnte die Hose und Jacke gleich bei extremen Wetter testen. Hatte Starkregen mit Gewitter und Überschwemmungen zu bewältigen. Bin absolut trocken geblieben. Auch die Innentaschen hatten keinen Wassereinbruch. Jacke und Hose haben nur in sehr geringen Maße Wasser aufgenommen, was das Auskühlen und auch das Gewicht positiv beeinflusst hat. Was will man mehr. Hose und Jacke passen perfekt und haben einen angenehmen Tragekomfort. Die Lüftung in der Hose und der Jacke sorgen für entsprechenden Wärmeabzug bei heißen Tagen. Einzig der fehlende Rückenprotektor ist in dieser Preisklasse negativ zu bewerten.
Super bei Regen
Habe seit Saison 2020 die Hose mit Jacke und bin damit öfters durch stärkeren Regen und bin bisher immer trocken geblieben. Nur bei wärme über 25°C wird es doch recht schwitzig drunter.
Sehr gut
Comfortable and cheaper
Great saving. Fit for me. Normally I wear 54 on Dainese. 52 is very ok for me. Comfortable, keeps you watm and dry. Highly recommended.
Purchased size 52 trousers (32" waist). On receiving them I found the waist size to at least 34" & too big for me. I contacted FCmoto and they agreed to replace them 30" waist version. Unfortunately they now appear to be refunding me rather than replacing as agreed, this is despite me including a print out of the emails where replacement was agreed in both English and German and also highlighted in pink marker pen.....

I've emailed FCmoto & am hoping that this feedback is received and acted upon. I had an identical experience with FCmoto regarding the D30 Level 2 back protector I purchased. I ended up with a refund, not the agreed replacement.
Tolle Qualität - unvorteilhafter Schnitt Gr. 52 - C2
Ich bin 1,91m groß, 98kg (sportl. Statur), Schrittlänge ca. 83-85 cm. Vor kurzem konnte ich leihweise eine Rukka R-EX Hose anprobieren. Klasse Sitz und Passform.

Ich dachte mir: Bestell Dir lieber die Armocy, da hast Du sogar Gore Tex Pro und eine herausnehmbare Innenhose. Das ist dann bestimmt die perfekte Hose.

Leider nicht. Der obere Bereich der Hose ist über einen zu langen Bereich eng geschnitten. Die Hose passt, da gibt es nichts zu meckeren, jedoch bekommt man die Beine nur sehr schwer auseinander, so als ob die Beine fest in Folie eingewickelt wären. Das ist bei der R-EX Hose nicht der Fall.

Fazit: Qualitativ hochwertige und sauber verarbeitete Hose, die klasse ausschaut, in der ich mich aufgrund des extrem einengenden Schnitts jedoch nicht optimal bewegen konnte.

Wer mit der Passform zurechtkommt, erhält eine klasse Textilhose.
Should be better even for the reduced price
The problem with Rukka is not confined to them, but at this price point it should be resolved. Like other manufacturers, they do NOT cater for shorter leg riders. They offer regular, long and short, but their benchmark is set way too long. I have 28 inch inseam and I am not a dwarf! Lots of riders are same or shorter than me. With these pants turned up to where the hem should be, there is at least 5 inches of material too much. If these are short trousers, I'm a Chinese acrobat! (I'm not by the way). Consequently, the knee armour is no where near my knee. Way too low. I have to get on the bike (1800 Goldwing, 1600 GT BMW and 1200 BMW GSA) and in each case, I have to grab the trousers and pull the armour up into place. The trousers are therefore very uncomfortable. The waist is also coming up larger than I and FCM calculated, so I would suggest going down a size from normal. This will however not affect the leg measurement. So far they have been waterproof on the few occasions they have been wet. The Goretex Pro material is very stiff, which adds to the discomfort, but I did understand that prior to purchase and I rated waterproofness over some discomfort in my decision. I also wear the Rukka Navigatorr jacket and likewise, this comes up a little oversize and very stiff to wear, but the combined suit does feel like it is very good quality and probably as safe as you can reasonably be on a motorcycle. So in summary, good quality, waterproof so far BUT Rukka must do a better job of sizing in the real world.
Bequem zu tragen und absolut wasserdicht. sehr zu empfehlen.
Super Service. Schnelle Lieferung.
Einfach nur Genial!!@
TOP Hose
. Habe jetzt praktische Erfahrung sammeln können. Ich hatte Ende April eine Wochenendtour mit Freunden gemacht. Dabei hatten wir 100KM Dauerregen. Diee Hose als auch die zugehörige Jacke
waren absolut Wasserdicht. Ich bin während der ganzen Tour warm und trocken geblieben.
Somit hat meine neue Rukka Garnitur jeglichen Test mit bravour bestanden. Ich bin vollauf zufrieden mit dem Kauf......its Great
Absolut Super
Leider konnte ich die Hose noch nicht im Regen testen. Aber auch bei Kälte ist sie volle Fünf Punkte wert. Also ich bin sehr zufrieden. Wenn ich ein kleines Manko benennen soll dann, dass es keine Gürtelschlaufen gibt.
Mukavat housut
Miellyttävät ja laadukkaat ajohousut. Koko 50 sopiva 179cm pitkälle ja 74 kg painoiselle. Hyvin istuvat ja suojaukset kunnossa.
Klasse Hose, eben Rukka Qualität
Bin mit der Hose sehr zufrieden. Selbst nach über 500km Dauerregen sind die Beine trocken und hält schön warm, eben Rukka Qualität.
Die Hose hat eine bequeme Passform und das Innenfutter lässt sich einfach herausnehmen.
Leider hat die Hose keine Gürtelschlaufen. Dafür aber Klettverschlüsse für Hosenträger von Rukka.
Leider sind die bei der Hose nicht dabei und müssen extra bestellt / gekauft werden :-(
Deswegen ein Stern Abzug.
Ansonsten, klasse Bikerhose :-)
Produto de primeira classe
Bom dia a todos tive uma experiencia muito bom com a roupa tudo novo e também todas as chuvas que peguei ela é a melhor roupa de chuva
Top notch
Been out in all weather and there the best I've had
Po prostu Rukka - jakość pierwsza klasa.
Polecam wszystkim . Warte swojej ceny.
Regen hat keine Chance
Hose etwas steif