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TCX Dartwood GTX Мотоциклетные ботинки

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Усредненная оценка: 4,8
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Buen Producto, de muy buena calidad.
Me gusto el producto, buena calidad en los materiales, son cómodos y lucen genial.
Exactly how I wanted boots for wearing to the office
The design is very very good..they look awesome with just about any trousers and do not give an obvious feeling of it being a motorcycle boot. it's difficult to appreciate it from pictures.

They fit a little snug in comparison to my TCX Explorer 4 but I would still say stick to the sizing chart (I normally check it on the manufacturer's website). I wear 42 (275mm) in Dainese, 43 in Alpinestars, and, 42 Eur (275mm) in these are fine.

My only gripe is that the sole is very sticky on touch exactly how when your fingers touch a rubber that has been affected by exposure to sun/heat. The sole hasn't lost its shape or design or has become soft but I am skeptical if it's okay to be that sticky on touch. If they are supposed to be sticky then I would say that the sole would be very grippy. I have yet to try them as they only arrived yesterday but wanted to be sure if stickiness is an issue.
Unbelievably comfortable shoe, on the bike and walking all day if needed. Whacked my foot on a bollard that I didn’t see while riding down a driveway. Hit it with some force and didn’t receive any injury as the boot absorbed the impact. You won’t be disappointed.
Ideal moto shoes to the office
I was in search for a boot that doesn't look to be a pair of motorbike boots, and these are exaclty that. I was hoping that with the zipper I can avoid doing the laces every time - which didn't prove to be true. My feet are EUR 47 and I cannot put them into the boots without undoing the laces as the boot's neck is very narrow.
Still, this is the best stealth moto boots I found.
Chaussure très confortable, on peut la porter toute la journée sans contrainte. Elle permet également de marcher comme avec une basquette classique. Bonne respirabilité et bonne étanchéité. Bon grippe générale sur bitume. mais attention dans les parkings si humide.
10 /10
Hi all really love these boots on or off the bike just look so cool have been asked many times where did I get those boots , Fcmoto cheapest on the market
Excellent boots
I haven't tested them in the rain yet. But in hot weather they still breath. Comfortable and good feel on the controls. Perfect as "town boots".
Very good
Comfortable to wear, a little heavy initially but once gotten used to it, it’s comfortable to walk around in. More breatheable than the Street 3 WP, and serves it’s waterproof purpose when i rode under heavy rain (rain pants have to be long enough of course). Overall a good product.
Great and comfy shoes
It’s a comfortable product. have not experienced it in wet conditions but it seems to be solid
Complies with the description and the price is good