Marushin 777NX Samura - ベストプライス ▷ FC-Moto
Marushin 777NX Samura

Marushin 777NX Samura

Please note: Helmets displayed with black or mirrored visors, will always be delivered with a clear visor!

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Marushin 777NX Samuraのお客様評価

評価数: 2
平均評価: 3,5
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good (2017/03/20)
After 5 years of use:
Positive:light, comfortable, visior replacement system (after short training);
Negative:noise above 80km/h, annoying wind draught comming under the chin (with or without chinguard), broken right chin impact absorbent liner (in spite of the careful try to disjoin inner soft liner for cleaning),retention system hard to handle wth gloves.
Good (2009/09/05)
I am pleased with this helmet. It has a good quality for the price.

Positive: paint and graphics, visor replacement system (very quick and easy), lining, confort (room for the ears), reduced weight, building quality.

Negative: noise above 80Km/h (a significant whistle coming from the visor), fasting system (quick, but bulky and unconfortable in the neck)


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