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Nolan Blauwtooth kit 2 + Basic Kit

Nolan Blauwtooth kit 2 + Basic Kit

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Excellent (25-11-2011)
The kits themselves are excellent and work very well. The sound volume and quality makes having a phone conversation whilst on the move quite possible. The mike has very good noise-cancelling qualities. BUT the fitting instructions/ handbooks are awful. Printed on what looks like recycled paper this makes the pictures which are just too small almost useless. You just can't see the detail. The Nolan website is not much use either. Some of the information seems out of date. Still recommend though along with the great service from FC-Moto
Excellent product (07-07-2011)
Very good product, good price, everything easy to install, lots of possibilities, easy in use. There should be a little more online support for this from NOLAN, but you can't have everything :-)
The Best that can have !! (26-04-2011)
Great product ! Easy installation and use. FC MOTO is one of the Best e-shop. !!!
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