Alpinestars One O One Shoes

Alpinestars One O One Shoes

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Alpinestars One O One Shoes的客户评价

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平均评价: 4
Very good (2011-1-12)
I use those shoes daily. They are comfortable and they do not trouble your feet even if you have to walk during work. The only problem was that the in some spots, were the shoe comes in contact with motorcycle, the paint fainted.
Very good for every day use (2010-5-19)
the shoes are very comfortable, i'm using them every day and i had no problems what so ever. The feedback you get from the pedals is above average but not as good as if you wearing a normal motorcycle boot.

One one thing i can found as disadvantage, the lack of special leather in the spot where the gear lever touches the shoe. if after market rear sets are being used there is a possibility to ruin the shoe because of the metal that the lever has....other than that i think that those shoes are ideal for every day use
Very good (2010-2-13)
The only less positive aspect is the lack of sensibility in pedal operations, specially in gear pedal


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