• Blauer Fashion Clothing



"Since 1936, Blauer has been the leading American supplier of technical garments for all polices forces, selected areas of the army, such as US Navy officials and White House special agents, firemen and rangers. Blauer uniforms have built up a legendary reputation for their excellent quality and the use of tested and certified technical materials that keep out the rain, wind, cold and snow. Quite simply, Blauer jackets have always been made to last. Ever since its foundation, the well-established production philosophy and exacting style have allowed Blauer to become a point of reference for many American police departments, with their garments reflecting the brand’s “Uncompromising performance” motto in terms of both quality and longevity.

In 2001, FGF Industry signed a licensing agreement with American colossus Blauer USA. FGF Industry has succeeded in bring the legendary uniform brand into the fashion market, meticulously selecting and reconstructing the garments to instil them with a strong character and a well-defined style, while maintaining the essential characteristics of the brand’s origins. The Blauer USA collection guarantees the same resistant, hardwearing materials used for the uniforms while applying a softer touch to give the greater comfort required by everyday clothing. It can also guarantee precision and accuracy in producing garments that conserve the invaluable added extras so typical of military garments, such as wind-proof pockets, closable interior pockets and compartments designed to meet any requirement: features that make all the difference for urban or outdoor use. Standing alongside the collection’s historic Heritage garments are a series of cutting-edge, innovative garments that, while respecting the brand’s solid production philosophy, bring the lines for men, women and children in sync with the fashion market, with colourful garments and materials brought up to date with original, creative design.