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"Our strap line «Creative bike Wear» symbolize the essence of the brand, its promise, its obsession…

The purpose is to equip riders with specific products dedicated to motorcycle practice, but also to cloth them with comfortable, stylish apparel. This nuance between equipment and garment can be seen in particular in the importance given to product design.

Motorcycle practice creates specifics needs and requirements: it is essential to protect the rider, first by limiting risks of injuries in case of fall, then by providing a comfort of ride according to climate. Furthermore, a motorcycle garment must propose top sizing and ergonomics to contribute on safety improvement, allowing ease of movement hence a better control of the bike.

But beyond the practical aspect, a motorcycle apparel is also reflecting a mindset and contributing to the rider’s identity that, today, can be of many kinds. We can indeed consider different types of motorcyclists: occasional summer rides amateurs, speed lovers and thrill seekers, urban commuter, adventurer in search for freedom and escape…

Every rider has their own requirements and expectations, so IXON is working on proposing equipment for every budget, every sizing and every style.

The Brand can propose very various ranges keeping its style and authenticity, sprung from our passion for motorbike, but also in fashion trends, sportswear or ready-to-wear

With 2 collections per year and about 50 new items each season, the 450 references of the brand meet every need to protect and clothe every rider." -  Creative Bike Wear