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Research, innovation and creativity are still today MOMODESIGN philosophy strongholds.
Over the years MOMODESIGN has evolved but the Design Studio has maintained its fundamental creativity role: a wide open plan laboratory, offices with every kind of materials, colours, instruments, designers, architects and stylists, this eclectic team perceives every signal from the external world. Main role of the Design Studio is the definition and planning of objects with an unmistakable, personal and characterising trait; MOMODESIGN objects. In the headquarters, the Design Studio works closely with the marketing division for the definition of image strategies, brand positioning, planning the launch of the collections on the market and studying the presentation of the collections for events and sales points. The marketing division also studies a worldwide coordinated image considering different forms of communication.
MOMODESIGN accurately follows the development process of its creations in collaboration with the licensees: from design development to pre production process, from quality check to the definition of distribution and marketing strategies.
The guarantee of a licensed products is given by the choice of collaborating only with companies that have as a common denominator quality, handcraft products and innovation as well as a successful international distribution network.
Eclecticism and creativity has allowed MOMODESIGN to understand and anticipate the market trends aiming at quality and innovation, reaching an important objective: spreading Italian design around the world.
Style is the added value of every MOMODESIGN creation, the elements that confer to products the unique, sophisticated and distinctive character of the Italian culture. Products are created to convey emotions, unique objects that become the projection of those who buy them. Everyday objects are reinterpreted and rethought following the philosophy of the brand and the evolution of the market, through a study of forms and style that manages to change its perception, transforming common objects into icons of the presents aiming at the future, trying to satisfy the demands and needs of a public extremely aware and demanding.