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Since the development of motorsport in the 1960s, O'NEAL has been one of the pioneers in the field of MX clothing. At the same time, Jim O'NEAL has been a passionate MX rider since the sport was born. Not only Jim, but also his buddies longed for better equipment that was tailored to their needs. It was precisely this desire for higher performance that spurred Jim on, he wanted to enable his buddies and himself to do more. With the same motivation, O'NEAL decided to enter the mountain bike market in the late 80's and offer products in Europe and the USA.

O'NEAL has always attached great importance to innovative production processes and material technologies in order to guarantee all riders the support and security they need to keep pushing the limits of what is possible.

Even today, this philosophy plays a very important role in O'NEAL product development. A good example of this is the IPX® (impact foam technology) developed by O'NEAL, which is used in all O'NEAL protectors. The highlight is the IPX® ACells technology. The system features 360° rotational and axial movement capability and dampening characteristics, outperforming most other technologies on the market. The innovative mindset in our product development has helped shape the industry.

O'NEAL made its first foray into mountain biking in the 1980s with the launch of the AZONIC brand and the first MTB-specific product line for clothing, protectors and bicycle accessories. The sport continued to develop and the riders pushed themselves and their bikes to an ever increasing level. O'NEAL's commitment to mountain biking coupled with its commitment to product development has been highly successful. We are proud to say that we have helped the sport grow and become popular.

Even if today's focus is increasingly placed on the needs of enduro and trail riding, O'NEAL remains true to its roots in downhill and freeride. The adaptation of the O'NEAL product range has reflected precisely this development in recent years.

"It wasn't about making money. We were really about making better products to race with." - Jim O'Neal