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Spark Mono Brio Balaclava

Spark Soto Mixx Balaclava

Spark Mono Camo Balaclava

Spark Brio Cap

Spark Cocuzza Cap

Spark Soto Fresh+ Balaclava

Spark Golia Brio Neck Warmer

Spark Golia Igor Neck Warmer

Spark Mono Balaclava

Spark Soto Igor Balaclava

Spark Soto Eco Balaclava

Spark Golia Modi Neck Warmer

Spark Soto Stivy Balaclava


Spark is back! Spark is the Italian sparkle of technical underwear. Spark has been making history with his legendary balaclavas since the 1990s. The company is completely committed to technical motorcycle clothing and delivers it in perfection and the highest quality. Spark underwear not only protects you, it accompanies you wherever you go. The Spark products are so smooth that you forget that you are wearing them. They become your second skin. For Spark, the well-being of men and women in sports or in everyday life is the top priority and therefore the company has the highest claim to combine the Made in Italy design with the lightness of the highest quality materials and the latest technologies.