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NGK Spark plug BPR-7 EIX

NGK Spark plug BPR-7 EIX

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Iridium IX - the alternative for even more power

These high-performance spark plugs with a centre electrode made of the precious metal iridium are used by many manufacturers as original equipment. They were developed especially for the latest engine technologies, but also for older models they are the alternative to the standard type in order to make full use of power reserves.

The special thing about them:
- The electrode material Iridium is almost resistant to spark erosion.
- Iridium enables particularly narrow centre electrodes of only 0.6 mm diameter.
- With narrow centre electrodes, more ignitable mixture reaches the ignition spark. This leads to reliable ignition and better propagation of the flame front.

Wrench width: 20.8 mm
Thread diameter: 14.0 mm
Thread length: 19.0 mm
Electrode distance: 0.8 mm
Resistance: suppressed, 5 kOhm

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