Revit Storm WB Jacket

Revit Storm WB Jacket

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Revit Storm WB Jacket

When you get really, really cold, your brain instructs your body to go into emergency mode and to protect your organs by transferring energy to your so-called ‘core.’ Not so strange when you think about it, really. But it also explains why the Storm WB jacket has been constructed the wayit has been. We kept the core in mind when we made the Storm WB and this is how Revit were able to make it so potent.

Aside from the great insulation and moisture managing capacity of the Storm WB mid layer jacket, its key feature is the additional EXKIN® Air insulation panels. These are located at strategic areas, placed behind the newly developed hydratex® WindBarrier® fabric, providing a thinner, more comfortable experience without restricting the rider in terms of freedom of movement or comfort.

The hydratex® WindBarrier® fabric has a double function. On the one hand, it completely blocks the wind and, on the other hand, it is also waterproof and highly breathable. So, get out there and have some cold-weather fun.


Outer Shell

  • Hydratex® WindBarrier® fabric: The hydratex® WindBarrier® features a soft backing so it's comfortable against the skin. It's touted for its breathability and ability to block wind. Additionally, WindBarrier® is a laminated three-layer fabric.
  • Polyester 30D with WR finish: The matte finish and water repellant characteristics of this material make it ideal to use in a variety of products.
  • Polyester spandex knit: Polyester spandex knit is a thin, stretchable material used to make items more flexible and comfortable.


  • Polartec® Thermal Pro®: Developed by Polartec®, Thermal Pro® was created to offer all the warmth without the weight. The dependable wind and water repellent exterior is strengthened by an inherent resilience against abrasive surfaces. The plush inner face of Polartec® Thermal Pro® ensures a soft and smooth fit against your skin at all times. It’s also highly breathable, fast-drying, durable and easy to care for.



  • Wind catcher behind front zipper: Behind the front a panel has been installed to block the wind.
  • Thumb loop: The thumb loop is found on shirts to make it easy to keep your top in place when pairing it with our jackets. Because of the thumb loop, the shirt will properly stay in place also when putting gloves on.
  • Insulating function
  • Moisture wicking function: Perspiration is constantly moved away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, where it can evaporate quickly. This helps you to control your body temperature and keeps you dry and comfortable.
  • Stretchable


  • regular fit
  • tour fit


  • chest pocket

Additional product information

Material 85% polyester, 8% cotton, 7% elasthane

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