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Schuberth SRC System M1 Duo communication system - buy cheap ▷ FC-Moto

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Schuberth SRC System M1 Duo communication system

Schuberth SRC System M1 Duo communication system

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Schuberth Rider Communications System (SRCS), compatible with the following helmet:

  • Schuberth M1

The SRC System fits elegantly and efficiently into the Metropolitan 1. You simply clip it into the special recesses provided, and you're ready to go. All the functions of this high-end communication system are immediately available for you to enjoy, from phone calls through to bike-to-bike intercom, GPS sat nav instructions, and listening to your favourite music. All the components, comprising an invisible microphone, speakers, antennas and cable are pre-installed.

Here are the key functions at a glance:

  • Range up to 500 m
  • Talk time 8 hours
  • Standby time 7 days
  • Charging time 3 hours
  • Clear communication at up to 145 km/h (90 mph)
  • 2 Bluetooth connections simultaneously (mobile phone+GPS sat nav)
  • Only 3 buttons (On/Off + mobile, Volume up, Volume down)
  • Compatible with all SRCS and Cardo systems
  • System updates via Windows and Mac
  • Settings via app (wireless) for iOS + Android
  • A2DP (high-quality stereo sound)
  • AGC technology
  • VOX technology
  • ECE approved with helmet
  • MP3

Most standard MP3 players can be connected to the SRC System via the multifunctional USB port. If the MP3 device supports Bluetooth A2DP technology, no cable is required.
- Easy connection via USB
- Easy control using the SRC System buttons


The SRC System automatically adjusts the volume according to the background noise level.
- Sensitivity can be individually configured with the software supplied


The VOX (Voice Operated eXchange) technology allows voice control of main functions such as phone call recording and answering.
- Reliable operation using voice commands
- Response sensitivity can be set individually


Always stay right up to date. The latest version of the SRC System is always available for you to download on the Schuberth website. If you register your SRC System with Schuberth, you will be informed by email as soon as a software update appears.

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