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Holyfreedom - The Roots of Freedom

Holyfreedom was born in 2006  from the genious of Mr. Arnaldo Upali, one of the top Italian sportswear creative designer. Holyfreedom is worldwide recognized as a stylish, contemporary and design oriented 100% Italian company, born to be “partner in crime” of everyone freedom. The use of very colorful and highly original graphics, combined with technical contents under the casual look of accessories and clothing and, finally, precious packaging studyed to maximize retail shopping experience, make the products a milestone in worldwide motorcycle accessories industry for freedom lovers!  Holyfreedom is expanding its product catalogue by introducing new lines of certified leather jackets, gloves, handmade certified jet helmets, and finally jewelry. Holyfreedom is present in its own digital universe and “ ready to touch” in Holyfreedom lovers shops in over 60 countries all over the world, from Mexico to Japan.

Now also available at FC-Moto!