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Schuberth M1 Gravity Jethelm

Schuberth M1 Gravity Jethelm

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Achtung: Auch Helme die mit schwarzem oder verspiegeltem Visier abgebildet sind, werden mit klarem Visier ausgeliefert!


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The new Metropolitan 1

Passion and lifestyle – that is the Metropolitan 1 from Schuberth. Not only is the new jet helmet convincing in terms of comfort, function and safety: it also completes every two-wheeler outfit and is ideal for style-conscious riders. Above all people who ride scooters, café racers, naked bikes or touring motorcycles will find in the Metropolitan 1 a perfect companion. Aesthetics, aspiration, confidence and style united in a helmet.

The highlights

The Metropolitan 1 stands out on account of its great flexibility and numerous equipment versions. The helmet can also be used without a full visor, just with a sun visor: one click suffices to put a peak in place. Be it for a trip to the café or for a major tour, it is always the perfect companion.


The SRC-System™ fits into the Metropolitan 1 in an elegant and functional manner. The SRC-System™ is simply latched into the ready-made notches and can be used immediately. From phone calls to bike-to-bike discussions through to navigation and listening to music: all the options of this high-end communication system are available straight away.

Plug & play

All the components, such as the invisible microphone, loudspeakers, antennae and cabling, are already pre-installed.


  • Fünf verschiedene Sonnenblendenfarben: 80 % Tönung, klar, High-Definition Yellow, Silber verspiegelt, Blau verspiegelt
  • Fünf verschiedene Visierfarben: Klar, stark getönt (80 %), leicht getönt (40 %), Silber verspiegelt, Blau verspiegelt
  • SRC-System™ ready: unsichtbare Mikrofone und integrierte Lautsprecher bereits vorinstalliert
  • Kopfbelüftungshaube: Titan oder Matt Schwarz
  • Schirm: Titan oder Matt Schwarz
  • Ultimativer Komfort: Innovative nahtlose Polsterung in 2 Farben
  • Schnellentriegelung für das Visier, Pinlock®-Vorbereitung

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